Scientifically proven and commercially validated beekeeping techniques.

Practical video based online learning delivered alongside a companion Best Practice Beekeeping book.

Presented by Dr Mark Goodwin, world renowned Apiculture Scientist, and Sarah Cross.



Best Practice Beekeeping is the brainchild of Dr Mark Goodwin, world renowned Apiculture Scientist, and Sarah Cross. What makes Best Practice Beekeeping so valuable is Mark and Sarah’s ability to demonstrate best practice beekeeping methods that are not only based on proven, scientifically backed research, but are also supported by decades of practical experience. 


The Best Practice Beekeeping series is available to view through a simple monthly subscription of $15.95 and a one-off joining fee of $79.95. As part of your subscription you’ll also receive a FREE copy of the companion ‘Best Practice Beekeeping’ book.


Once your subscription is confirmed, you’ll have immediate access to seven videos and will then be sent one seasonally relevant video per week.  New videos are added to your ‘Library’ on the Best Practice Beekeeping website and are able to be viewed and re-watched at any time as long as you have a current subscription.  Learn more on how Best Practice Beekeeping works here.


Improve Yield & Hive Health

Scientifically proven and commercially validated beekeeping techniques that can improve yield and hive health.

Seasonally Targeted

Videos are released and made available prior to key seasonal periods, helping you prepare and effectively manage your beekeeping operations all year round.

Simple and Easy to Follow

Easy to follow, topic-specific videos, delivered regularly to your inbox.

On-Demand Viewing

Review and re-watch previously sent videos at any time through the Best Practice Beekeeping website providing you have a current subscription.

Customised Content

Hobbyist or commercial beekeeper? Choose a subscription plan that best fits your needs.

Staff Training

If you employee beekeepers, Best Practice Beekeeping is a perfect tool to educate and upskill you and your team. 

Dr. Mark Goodwin

Mark has worked as a honey bee scientist for 30 years and has wide experience in commercial beekeeping in New Zealand and worldwide. His interests include honey bee behaviour, colony management, honey bee pests and diseases, crop pollination, and biosecurity. Mark has written the books, ‘Elimination of American Foulbrood without the use of drugs’, ‘Pollination of kiwifruit’, ‘Australian and New Zealand Pollination manual’, and ‘Control of Varroa - A guide for New Zealand Beekeepers’.

Sarah Cross

Sarah has managed a semi-commercial beekeeping business, worked with commercial beekeepers as part of research projects, and was the apiary manager for the Waikato Domestic Beekeepers Association. 




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